BULLITA is a lifestyle

Lifestyle made of sea, waves and uncontaminated nature

BULLITA is a lifestyle. It stands for a wild and untamed style, encompassing the sea, powerful waves, sandy beaches, rocky formations, peaceful ponds, and the cherished flora and fauna nurtured by an ancient and timeless land. The distinctive scents and flavours of this land gracefully permeate our wine, expertly combining delicate floral and fruity notes that result in a strong and lasting taste. This remarkable blend evokes the robust flavours reminiscent of the Mediterranean vibrant regions.

There are moments
when everything, as if by magic, must stop...


which began several years ago

est 2023


Back to the origins

Born in Holland to a Sardinian father and a Dutch mother, I traveled with my family often to Sardinia, a generous and hospitable land that has always embraced us and welcomed us as true islanders.


Life goes on

We lose my father, Luigi Bullita, but my family must move forward even without his strong spirit and determination that always helped us.


A magical island

I feel good when I return to the island, a paradise with turquoise sea and crystal clear sky. The food is rich and genuine, the Sardinian people are hospitable and friendly. I feel at home and I miss it when I unfortunately have to leave.


I also discover surfing in Sardinia and come back often

I am passionate about surfing and travel all over the world with my board. But I discover that even in Sardinia I can practice this sport in complete freedom, immersed in uncontaminated nature, still wild and surrounded by typical Mediterranean scents.


The idea of a lifestyle was born

I'm starting to think about how I can experience this extraordinary land and its incredible products all year round and make it known and appreciated by others who like me want to live my lifestyle.



My dream of the BULLITA brand came true with the birth of the first products from this land.

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You will get to know our philosophy and get closer to our lifestyle. You will be able to view our products and appreciate their quality.

Sardinian products, unique, selected and signed bullita

Unique quality of a unique land

Expert hands for years, treasuring an ancient culture and traditions, produce oil, flour and above all wine with surprising characteristics to make them known to you.

The scents of
this land in a glass

Products from the island of Sardinia

A land kissed by the sun, combed by the wind and very fertile, where mighty olive trees, shining wheat fields and lush vineyards produce fruits of extraordinary and rare quality.


In these moments, within these serene havens, emotions surge, silence envelops, and a yearned for freedom permeates. It is here, on this island, where time fades away, carrying me on its wings.