we produce three types of quality wines

Sardina's Wines

The BULLITA Brand offers three types of Sardinian wines on the market:

  • A 100% indigenous Sardinian Bovale red grape variety, rediscovered and valorised in purity only in recent years.
  • A 100% Vermentino grape variety from Sardinia. The most widespread white grape variety in Sardinia, it prefers cool areas close to the sea.
  • 80% Nieddera, 20% other native vines. A very versatile and important grape variety for the production of rosé wines, in this interpretation it is enhanced thanks to the combination of other red grape varieties typical of the lower Tirso valley.

the discovery of Sardinian products

First experiences with the products of the island and the traditions linked to agri-food.


contact with the island grows

More and more Sardinia in our lives and more and more contacts with local producers


We start talking about lifestyle

The idea of making this extraordinary land and its products known is increasingly born and we start talking about creating and marketing the BULLITA lifestyle brand.


The BULLITA brand is born

We begin to select the first three wines and create the brand and the first three BULLITA labels.

Our grapes are chosen and selected by expert hands

Certified quality wines

Chosen and selected throughout the island, our grapes are grown and processed in compliance with Sardinian tradition and guarantee well-structured red, white and rosé wines to pair with typical meat and fish dishes as well as mature and fresh cheeses. Also excellent as aperitifs and meditation wines.

Best varietiest
Fine Wines
certified quality products
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