Sardinia's Wine

The uniqueness of their colour, scent, taste and quality will involve you forever.

in each of these
wines we tell
the story of our love for Sardinia and its history.

Sardinia's Wine

Ours are wines that contain the character and identity of an entire island, of the people who live there, and of the culture and tradition of these extraordinary places.
Wines that have the scent and flavor of a land that still looks to quality and respect for tradition in the process of growing and processing the grapes, thus obtaining unique and authentic products.
We feel like ambassadors of a land that has made its history with wine products.


Isola dei Nuraghi IGT

Grapes:100% Bovale. An important indigenous red grape variety from Sardinia, which has been rediscovered and appreciated for its pure expression only in recent years.
Its cultivation is mostly concentrated in the central-south part of the island. While frequently employed in blends with other grape varieties, this particular variety truly shines when expressed in purity, showcasing its outstanding organoleptic and structural attributes to the fullest.

Description: Intense ruby red color with violet reflections; on the nose, it is intense, and complex, with fruity, floral, and Mediterranean scrub scents. The wine is dry and fresh on the palate, displaying a great structure. Its full, intense, and warm flavour is characterized by a tannin that can be somewhat austere in its youth but always elegant. The well-balanced acidity and pronounced tastiness contribute to the remarkable persistence of this wine.

Pairings: Platter of cured meats and aged cheeses, red meats, as well as game. Try it also with important dishes based on fresh bluefin tuna.

Alcohol content: 12% vol.


Sardina's DOC

Grapes: 100% Sardinia’s Vermentino.
The most widespread white grape variety in Sardinia, it prefers cool areas close to the sea. Here, it finds an ideal terroir to fully express its characteristics and create equally distinctive wines that reflect the region. Description: Brilliant straw yellow wine, the nose recalls fruity and floral scents; on the palate, the wine is dry, soft, and fresh.
It has a good body but above all a good acidity which makes it very drinkable.
Pairings: Aperitifs, fish appetisers, grilled sea bream.
Alcohol content: 13,5 % vol.



80% Nieddera, 20% other native grapes. In this interpretation, the versatile and significant grape variety, Nieddera, shines with its potential in crafting rosé wines. It is elevated by the harmonious blend with other red grape varieties that are characteristic of the lower Tirso valley.

Description: A soft pink colour, almost onion skin; the nose is intense, very fine, and delicate, with clear fruity, citrus, and floral references. On the palate, the wine presents a dry and rich profile, marked by remarkable tastiness and an enjoyable freshness. The call of the sea immediately takes you back to its homeland.

Pairings: Ideal wine as an aperitif, also perfect if accompanied with seafood or meat appetizers and crudités.
Alcohol content: 12% vol.


Sardinian wines are one of the most important symbols for which the land of Sardinia is particularly known today. The characteristics of this territory, the ideal climate, which allows these noble grapes to grow under the sun and wind, make these BULLITA products a true rarity.